Only 17 days until TEDx Tauranga – book now!

TEDxTauranga 2014 (19 July, 1pm – 8pm) will have 8 live speakers.

They will announce the 8 speakers names early July, but these titles give you an idea of what you’re going to experience.

Talk Titles For TEDxTauranga 2014

  • Daily Bread: Can ANY human body handle gluten?
  • How can the same technology produce both rocketships and mouse kidneys?
  • Modern lives are longer lives? Why that might NOT be true for you.
  • Still a Clean/Green NZ? 3 opportunities to rescue our slipping image.
  • World not changing how you like it? Unleash your inner super-hero.
  • Learning Differently: What if words in every book leaped up and came to life?
  • Could disruption be the key to harmony in multi-cultural societies?
  • Dirty secrets about our soil, considering growing from the ground up.
  • Moments: Pay attention now? Learn from the past? Dream of the future? How to choose.
  • Wool: The potential of this complex fibre beyond textiles – medicine?
  • Forgotten grandfathers: Newly discovered stories from the men of World War 1
  • Love your children? Keep their enemies close

The venue is the ASB Arena, Baypark, Tauranga.

Book now: