3D printing has almost unlimited potential and 3Design are at the forefront of this rapidly advancing industry with the latest in 3D printing technology and equipment.
3Design enables 3D printing to be your No. 1 choice for hard plastic prototyping in a wide variety of designs and applications ranging from pragmatic concept models to final part manufacturing. 3D printed parts are accurate and highly detailed, enabling you to create your designs with confidence and efficiency.
3D printed parts give you the option to eliminate expensive tooling costs and drastically reduce your time and cost to your product development or production.
With high popularity received in countries like USA and Europe, people start to print anything, from sculpture, hobby, and commercial to a household object (as spare part). The Architecture field has also started to apply this technology to create architectural design prototypes. Archaeologists use it to replicate historical site/objects for their research purposes.
3Design aims to provide these services to local and offshore Architects looking to better their services for their clients, this can be an added service an architect can offer his customers to give their business the leading edge over there opposition.
From a simple renovation or extension to a full 3D model of their dream house, whatever your requirements are, we can offer solutions for residential and commercial.