Art of Technology exhibition comes to Tauranga

An exciting exhibition will happen during the Arts Festival this year. Murray Clode is pulling together works that will challenge people’s thinking about the involvement of technology in art. “Technology has given artists new mediums to express themselves and new observations to make on our interaction with the world. It can open up the art world to people that never considered themselves as artists”.

So what will be in this exhibition? Well, Murray points out that paper was once technology but a bit more ancient than what they are looking for. Not that he has restricted anything to the 20th century or newer; even no longer used or forgotten technology can be used or featured in the work. Technology that doesn’t even exist also fits the criteria.

“I have just one test” says Murray “Would the art exist if not for the technology depicted or the technology used to help create or deliver the art?” So the range is huge.

The opportunity for the tech community to contribute is there with the organisers wanting to see some robots, some data interpreted into art, pixelated art, visions of the future, 3D printed art, music, light painting,and some gif art (and anything else you can think of). So get your thinking caps on and create something that shows what the Tauranga tech community is capable of!

In keeping with the theme of the exhibition you will be able to view it via Google’s online view of art galleries throughout the world; the Google Cultural Institute. This is possibly a first for a Tauranga exhibition.  Every piece will also be accompanied by additional content available via an augmented reality system and by a QR code.

The exhibition opens on October 16 and runs to November 5 in the Tauranga CBD. Submissions from artists close on September 15th. You can enter via and see some of the concepts being talked about at