codevelop open IT project – a whole new vocabulary for the non-technical

For a non-technical member of the project there were a lot of buzz words buzzing about this week. Here’s a sample: waffle, slack, stack, repo, native, github, rest, node, oauth, mongo and python. Software development indeed has a language (more like multiple languages) all it’s own!  Perhaps it’s not surprising that Python recently overtook French as the most popular language taught in UK primary schools (click here for source).

The codevelop team’s project is to develop a smart solar hot water controller that regulates when electricity is used to supplement the solar hot water and ultimately saves the homeowner money. It can be accessed remotely and programmed with the household’s usage cycle. Anyone is welcome to join, we meet monthly at Basestation (148 Durham St, Tauranga).  You can join us via the Tauranga Web Meetup.

And after a few months of planning it feels like we’re really getting down to business now. The talking has been done and now it’s time for the real work to begin. The team discussed the tools, platforms and languages we should work with, the structure of the project and who is keen to work on the various parts.

Everyone left with some homework to do before next month’s meeting, with the aim being to have some actual components we can start to knit together next month.

Because I can’t actually do any of the coding work, I volunteered to research the security side of things. As far as I can tell this entails some Googling of the latest black hat techniques for hacking IoT devices so that we can build in the appropriate levels of security into our architecture.  I hope this isn’t how the serious firms do it!

We had another new member turn up, so the team is strong, we’re working on a really interesting project and everyone’s learning and having fun.

As always, afterwards the team went for a beer and a burger, this time at a new venue, Brew bar on The Strand. The food was great and the beer and chat too.