eSuccess Strategies

Applying decades of experience successfully managing the IT function and IT projects eSuccess Strategies helps organisations excel at IT governance and execution.

We do this by ensuring that:
1. The IT resourcing model is fit for purpose.
2. IT processes enable resources to align with organisational priorities.
3. IT management is focused on delivering measurable value.

We typically begin with our QuickLook assessment that evaluates what IT Governance exists and identifies strengths and weaknesses along with suggested improvements and priorities. We are engaged most often by senior management or directors, and after the assessment are also asked to lead or assist with the improvement programme.

We also have a popular Out-of-Control IT project assessment service that can quickly assess whether a project is in fact a train wreck waiting to happen, which summarises the strengths and weaknesses of the project management approach along with suggested improvements and priorities – but only after identifying whether the project can be brought under control! While many organisations have us do this for in-progress projects a number of organisations have had us assess an IT project before it commences, which provides the greatest assurance against a train wreck.