codevelop group gets off to a flying start at basestation

Drones, virtual assistants, smart chicken coups, weather-driven wall art and the Internet of Things were just a few of the ideas discussed at Thursday night’s first </codevelop> meeting.  Hosted by Tauranga’s tech and comms hub basestation, the group has  morphed out of the Tauranga’s well established Web Meetup. After struggling to attract speakers to the Web Meetup </codevelop> was created as a way for members to learn new skills while actually building something.

What that something is is yet to be decided, however enthusiasm for the idea was strong at the first meeting, with great discussion on different areas of interest, as well as best practice methodologies for managing a project with a such a diverse group of participants.  Although given the overwhelmingly male membership of the group by diverse I’m referring to the range of coding languages and platforms represented. We are however also diverse by country of origin, with the group including a Ukranian, Brazilian, Korean and even an Access developer!

In addition to the coding skill sets on display, the group also includes project managers, marketers, designers and even an accountant.  The intention is that over the course of the next 12 months, meeting on a regular basis, the </codevelop> team will build a product that may (or more than likely may not) be something commercially viable, following a “Lean Canvas” development model and utilising intriguingly named management techniques such as “agile” and “scrum”.  Regardless, those involved are doing it primarily to learn new skills, be social, eat pizza and drink beer.

A short “brainstorming session” identified a range of problems, the first step in the process of developing a solution that has a viable application.  While there are some early front runners we’ll continue this “ideation” phase at the next session before settling on a project.

The project is open to anyone in the area who is keen to help, learn some new skills as part of a team developing a new product and have some fun at the same time. I myself have limited (read a little above absolute zero) technical knowledge, however others in the group were interested in learning the mystical techniques of marketing, so perhaps even I will be able to contribute to the objectives of the group.  We’ll meet on a regular basis at basestation, get in touch through the Meetup Group if you’re keen to check it out:

We’d also love to hear from anyone interested in sponsoring the group as we have essential costs to cover such as beer, pizza, beer and pizza.