Tauranga’s ultrafast fibre broadband (UFB) rollout was completed in early 2016, with speeds up to 200Mbps both up and down. There’s a good range of companies providing packages to connect businesses to UFB, with multiple options in terms of connection cost, monthly contracts and speeds according to need.


Tauranga has plenty of good quality commercial space available for lease. There are also a number of co-working spaces that would suit a start up business. Basestation operates as a co-working space specifically for communication and technology centric companies. In particular, with the support of Venture Centre, basestation offers a fantastic environment for startups. Tenants can choose from “desk for a day” to dedicated office space. There are meeting and events spaces available for booking also. High speed connectivity, barista made coffee and kitchen facilities are available for all. What makes basestation different however is its community and network. Connection and collaboration is easy, with basestationers working together to share resources and contacts, win contracts, solve problems and growth their collective business.


In 2009 Priority One (Tauranga’s economic development agency) commissioned a study entitled “Why Set Up a Business in Tauranga?”  The report focused on eleven indicators that were considered to be important to business owners when considering where to set up or relocate.

1. Property costs

2. Availability of skilled labour

3. Cost of labour

4. Road capacity

5. Road use intensity

6. Port accessibility

7. Airport accessibility

8. Housing affordability

9. Quality of lifestyle

10. Quality of secondary education

11. Quality of early childhood education

The report compared Tauranga to Auckland and a number of other main centres.  Tauranga emerged as a clear front runner, offering nearly one third more advantages than Auckland particularly in the key economic drivers of property and labour costs.  Average office rental is 40 per cent cheaper and average warehouse space 15 per cent cheaper in Tauranga.  The difference was even more significant in the cost of hiring labour, with employers paying an average of 21 per cent less in Tauranga than in Auckland.  Other marked advantages for Tauranga were that its roads were 63 per cent less congested than Auckland, it had easier access to both the port and airport, and had a far superior lifestyle.

Click here to download the report (PDF)

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