New format for Mashup 2016 a success!

After a lot of hard work in preparation by Pascale, Dara and the team, this year’s Mashup competition got underway today at the BOP Polytechnic’s Bongard site. Almost 60 young people across 16 teams kicked off the event with an exercise to develop a business idea based upon two randomly chosen words. So we had “yogurt routers”, “mango tv”, bedside table wifi 3d printers pitched to the audience.

Once the ice was broken the teams got down to work developing their idea using a simplified version of the Lean Canvas business model called ICE. Customer validation took up most of the morning, with a number of teams “pivoting” to new ideas or refining their concepts based on customer feedback.

The afternoon session, once the teams were fed by the ladies from Pluto, centred around developing the financial model and establishing the viability of their idea. Mentors were on hand throughout the day to support the teams with everything from marketing to finance to technical help, as well as building a strong team working ethic.

The day ended after a workshop to provide the teams with insight into what’s expected for the presentations to the judges Sunday evening.

What struck all the mentors, crew and organisers today was the enthusiasm, cooperation and skills displayed by these young people, not to mention some ideas with real commercial potential, reinforcing the value of programmes such as Mashup to foster these skills. As one esteemed support, Ed Strafford (@EdNZ) said on Twitter: “Boom! I reckon this is the best event in NZ this weekend (maybe in the world)”.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s culmination of the weekend’s work, judging and the announcement of the overall winners.