As SharePoint training specialists, we are passionate about ensuring your users understand how to get the best use from your SharePoint deployment. Our expertise comes from not only understanding the capabilities of SharePoint and its related technologies, but also in being able to align this with business benefits by understanding the needs of the client organisation.

Based in Tauranga, but with a team that is virtual and across NZ, we enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and connected infrastructure; and our training and annual conference events span NZ, Australia and Southeast Asia. Whether someone is brand new to SharePoint or they have been using it for a while, we can help extend their skill set. We specialise in training your whole team, tailored specifically to your needs, in your environment; and we also have regular scheduled courses around NZ.

All our courses touch on related technologies and are suitable for O365 users. Have you got Office 365 but not using the SharePoint Online part of it yet? We offer support, coaching and training for organisations who want to continuously improve their SharePoint and Office 365 implementations; and SharePoint 4 SMB, a range of setup and consulting options for small to medium-sized businesses.

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