Stratus Blue

Stratus Blue is a Technology partner. A ‘why first’ organization that provides IT Support and provisioning services either on premises or off in private or public cloud environments. Stratus Blue was formed with the advent of cloud computing based on over 20 years of IT support, repair and provisioning services in the Bay of Plenty.

From internet connectivity to Phone system and Managed Service arrangements, Stratus Blue can proactively manage business networks, hardware and the highway that businesses run on.

Stratus Blue focusses on business continuity, risk minimisation and disaster recovery. Things can go wrong with IT….. the digital world is constantly under attack and businesses face the risk of disruption every day. It is Stratus Blue’s aim to minimise this risk and get businesses back up and running if something doesn’t go to plan.

Contact us to figure out if you are the right partner for Stratus Blue:
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