Tauranga-based Meteoroid startup accelerator a “wormhole to Silicon Valley”

Meteoroid Tech Startup AcceleratorLate last month and with typically understated Kiwi style, a potentially game changing new programme made its first “impact”.  The Meteoroid Program, launched in January 2015 at basestation in Tauranga, aims to identify and support high potential tech startups and plug them into the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. The brainchild of Wharf42 scion Peter Wren-Hilton, Meteoroid leverages the networks, investors and business connections of Wren-Hilton but in particular the Plug and Play Tech Center, and will be based out of their Sunnyvale campus.  Meteoroid is also putting together its own fund to “sidecar” invest into early stage Kiwi tech startups.

Meteoroid is inviting high-potential tech startups to apply for their 2015 programme now.  Successful applicants will take part in the Plug and Play Tech Center’s international accelerator program over 10 weeks in Silicon Valley.  They will receive 12 months office space in the Plug and Play facility and have priceless access to mentors, potential investors and business partners.

Meteoroid really should be seen as a wormhole to Silicon Valley from Tauranga and New Zealand. SV has the greatest concentration in the world of tech startups, early stage and venture capital investors and is a cauldron of networks, learning and opportunity.  If you were to invest in anything to unlock the global potential of your tech startup, participation in Meteoroid would be it.

Meteoroid is the most recent cog in a rapidly developing tech ecosystem in Tauranga too.  Sitting alongside the Wharf42 Plug and Play Tech Incubator, WNT Ventures and Venture Centre‘s support network for entrepreneurs it certainly makes Tauranga an attractive base of operations for Kiwi tech entrepreneurs looking to be part of a vibrant and supportive community.