Tauranga entrepreneur urges agriculture businesses to embrace tech

A Tauranga business leader helping Kiwi technology entrepreneurs break into Silicon Valley is the guest speaker at a free event being hosted by the University of Waikato’s Management School on Tuesday, 5 April.

The talk, ‘The future of ag-tech with Peter Wren-Hilton’, is open to alumni and members of the public. Numbers are limited, so if you wish to attend, please register online at http://bit.ly/ceealumnievent

Peter Wren-Hilton is the founder of The Meteoroid Program, an accelerator programme that helps Kiwi start-up agriculture-technology (ag-tech) companies to connect with the leading entrepreneur and investor networks in California’s Silicon Valley, and get them ready to launch on the global market.

Wren-Hilton is keen for New Zealand ag-tech companies to not only embrace new technology, but to love it.

He says emerging new digital technologies – such as robotics, drones, sensors, digitalisation and big data – are already having a significant impact on agri-business opportunities, and will enable Kiwi companies to become even more profitable, productive and sustainable on a global scale.

By 2050, the world needs to increase food production by 70%, whilst also improving sustainable farming practices, and technology will be the main driver for this, says Wren-Hilton. More…