Our Vision

TaurangaTech is the hub for profiling & promoting Tauranga’s tech sector.  We support local technology businesses and encourage other tech companies to set up or relocate here, from other parts of New Zealand and around the world!

Why would a tech business relocate to Tauranga?  Well, you ask someone who’s already set up here and they’ll tell you.  The infrastructure’s as good as anywhere else in New Zealand ( the city’s ultrafast fibre rollout was completed in March 2016), there’s a vibrant tech community already present here, we’re close to Auckland and the airport links us to our major centres.  As, if not more important than all that infrastructure and communication stuff though is the lifestyle here.

If you can run a business from anywhere, and in today’s connected world this is a reality for thousands of small, medium and large businesses, why wouldn’t you base it somewhere with fantastic beaches, plenty of sunshine, lots of outdoor activities, retail, good schools and semi-rural lifestyle properties just minutes from downtown?

So, if you own or run a technology company and have been thinking about where you’d like to be based long term, it’s hard to go past Tauranga.  It’s a place you can grow the business from, but at the same time enjoy every moment when you’re not “in the office”.

But don’t just take our word for it, in 2013 Google named Tauranga as one of this country’s top 5 “eTowns”, for making best use of the internet to connect with customers and grow.

We invite you to spend a few minutes browsing this site, check out what Tauranga has to offer technology businesses and read about those already based here.